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SAINTMAX  TECHNOLOGY  LIMITED as the general agent of China Taiwan Dingtian GPS module, the specialty is engaged in the promotion of Taiwan Dingtian GPS module and sales work. For a long time, with the domestic large car manufacturers, GPS solutions, personal locator and other companies established a strategic cooperative relationship. The main models are REB-1315, REB-3571, REB-1722, etc., as well as the development of products based on GPS module.

2010 Taiwan Dingtian by Shenzhen City Baotong company first in mainland China launched SiRF star IV generation of the latest products, SiRF star generation IV is the SiRF designer team took three years of painstaking research of crystallization, not only in the positioning accuracy and function expansion has excellent performance, and in the sensitivity and power consumption has increased dramatically, for customers personalized design and miniaturization is possible.

Companies adhere to the service for the purpose, technology as the fundamental, innovation as the soul, talent as the core business philosophy. And realistic spirit, down-to-earth style of work, tenacious fighting spirit, with the exploration of technology and the constant pursuit of that company is the rapid momentum is growing, with full of passion and relentless fighting spirit in the field of wireless communications applications create a more brilliant and splendid tomorrow.