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Module With Antenna SIM39EA

Dimension: 16*16*6.2mm

Main Feature: A standalone L1 frequency GPS module include an embedded patch antenna on it.

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SIMCom presents a high performance GPS antenna module - SIM39EA. This is a standalone L1 frequency GPS module include an embedded patch antenna on it. Designed with MTK’s high sensitivity navigation engine, it allows you to achieves the industry’s highest levels of sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) with lowest power consumption. And with embedded antenna in SMT type, it is very easy to do customer application.

Mechanical data

• Dimensions: 16*16*6.2mm

• Weight: 5.8g



• Support EASYTM self-generated orbit prediction

• Support EPOTM orbit prediction

• Support AGPS

• Support SBAS ranging (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS)



• Serial interfaces


• Digital I/O


- 3D-FIX 

• Protocols




Support evaluation products

• SIM68 EVB KIT with USB V2.0 full speed interface


Electrical data

• Power supply: +2.8V ~4.3V

• Backup power: +2.3V ~4.3V

• Power  consumption2    3.3V (typical) 

- Acquisition: 23mA

- Tracking: 17mA

- Sleep: 200μA


Performance data

• Receiver type

           22 tracking / 66 acquisition- channel GPS receiver

           GPS L1, C/A Code

• Max.update rate: 10Hz

• Sensitivity1

- Tracking: -165dBm

- Reacquisition: -160dBm

- Cold starts: -147dBm 

• Time-To-First-Fix2

- Cold starts: 31s(typical) 

- Warm starts: 30s 

- Hot starts: <1s

- EPO Assist: 13s(CTTFF) 

• Accuracy

- Automatic Position3: 2.5m CEP

- Speed4: 0.1m/s 

• Operation temperature: -40℃~+85 ℃



1. Demonstrated with a good active antenna 

2. All SV @ –130 dBm

3. 50% 24 hr static, -130dBm

4. 50%@ 30m/s


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