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S1722F8-GL Module

Dimension :17mm L x 22.4mm W
Receiver Type
:L1 C/A code, 167-channel Venus 8 engine
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The S1722F8-GL is a state-of-the-art 167-channel global navigation receiver module capable of using GLONASS and GPS satellite signals. .


The S1722F-GL can provide dual-satellite navigation system positioning capability to offer more than the number of satellites available for GPS-only position fix. The increased satellite number offers superior performance in challenging urban canyon and multipath environments. It is capable of tracking up to 28 satellite signals for increased positioning accuracy.


The S1722F-GL contains SkyTraq Venus 8 positioning engine inside, featuring high sensitivity for indoor fix, low power consumption, and fast TTFF. The superior -148dBm cold start sensitivity allows it to acquire, track, and get position fix autonomously in difficult weak signal environment. The receiver’s -165dBm tracking sensitivity allows continuous position coverage in nearly all application environments. The high performance signal parameter search engine is capable of testing 16 million time-frequency hypotheses per second, offering industry-leading signal acquisition and TTFF speed.


Receiver Type

L1 C/A code, 167-channel Venus 8 engine


Position 2.5m CEP


Velocity 0.1m/sec


Time 10ns

Startup Time

1 second hot start under open sky


< 29 second warm start under open sky (average)


29 second cold start under open sky (average)




-165dBm tracking


-160dBm re-acquisition


-148dBm cold start

Multi-path Mitigation

Advanced multi-path detection and suppression


7-day server-based AGPS


Self-aided ephemeris estimation (Flash type)

Update Rate

1/2/4/5/8/10/20/25/40/Hz for GPS/GLONASS (default1Hz)


4G (39.2m/sec2)

Operational Limits

Altitude < 18,000m and velocity < 515m/s

Serial Interface

3.3V LVTTL level


NMEA-0183 V3.01,SkyTraq binary,


9600 baud, 8, N, 1


Default WGS-84


User definable

Input Voltage

3.3V DC +/-10%

Input Current

40mA  tracking    45mA  acquisition


17mm L x 22.4mm W



Operating Temperature

-40oC ~ +85oC

Storage Temperature

-55 ~ +100oC


5% ~ 95%

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