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Module With Antenna ZBT-S39EA

Dimension: 16mm L x 16mm W x 7mm H

Main Feature: High-Performance Low-Cost instead of SIM39EA module

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High-Performance Low-Cost 167 Channel SMD Global Positioning Receiver Module

The S39EA is state-of-the-art global navigation satellite system receivers capable of using GPS, GPS/Beidou signal under the same footprint. User can upgrade from GPS navigation system to GPS/Beidou dual-satellite navigation systems by choosing appropriate model type without hardware redesign.

Its NMEA output is the same format as GPS receivers, thus users can effortlessly upgrade GPS product to GPS/Beidou product without needing modification on the application software.

Dual-satellite navigation receiver module receives greater number of satellites than available for GPS-only receivers. The increased satellite number offers superior performance in challenging urban canyon and multipath environments.

The S39EA module contains SkyTraq Venus 8 positioning engine inside, featuring high sensitivity for indoor fix, low power consumption, and fast TTFF. The superior -148dBm cold start sensitivity allows it to acquire, track, and get position fix autonomously in difficult weak signal environment. The receiver’s -165dBm tracking sensitivity allows continuous position coverage in nearly all application environments. The high performance signal parameter search engine is capable of testing 16 million time-frequency hypotheses per second, offering industry-leading signal acquisition and TTFF speed.

The S39EA module contains LNA for easy integration with passive antenna and a SAW filter for increased jamming immunity. It works with both passive and active antenna; the self-contained antenna detection and short circuit protection feature enables lowest integration cost for system integrators using active antenna. 

Receiver Type

L1 C/A code, 167-channel Venus 8 engine


Position 2.5m CEP

Velocity 0.1m/sec

Time 10ns

Startup Time

1 second hot start under open sky

< 29 second warm start under open sky (average)

29 second cold start under open sky (average)




-148dBm cold start

-160dBm re-acquisition

-165dBm tracking

Multi-path Mitigation

Advanced multi-path detection and suppression


7-day sever-based AFPS(ROM and Flash type)


Self-aided ephemeris estimation(Flash type)

Update Rate


1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8 / 10 / 20 Hz for GPS/Beidou (default 1Hz)


4G (39.2m/sec2)

Operational Limits

Altitude < 18,000m or velocity < 515m/s

Serial Interface

3.3V LVTTL level


NMEA-0183 V3.01 Skytraq binary

9600 baud, 8, N, 1


Default WGS-84

User definable

Input Voltage

3.3V DC +/-10%

Input Current

40mA Tracking 48mA Acquisition S39EA

50mA Tracking 55mA Acquisition S39EA-BD


16mm L x 16mm W x 7mm H

Operating Temperature

-40Oc ~ +85oC

Storage Temperature

-55 ~ +100oC


5% ~ 95%

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